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November 23, 2012

DIY Floral Cutoffs

These shorts are made from a pair of pale green jeans I found at Value Village, I added fabric paint from Michael's and cut them off into shorts.  Here's how....

What you'll need....
1. A basic floral stencil that is slightly sticky on the back.
2. Tulip fabric paint in Petal Pink and Glacier White.
3. A small sponge brush.
4. A pair of high-waisted pants or shorts. 

I started by putting the stencil in one of the places I wanted a flower, I sponged white in the center of the stencil and added pink around the edges.  I later found out that it was easier to fill the whole stencil with just pink, let all those flowers dry and then sponge white in the middle over top.

Pink flowers to start...
White centers added...
Repeat this on the front of the pants.  Once dry, try the jeans on and cut them to the short length you prefer.  I cuffed the short legs by rolling them up twice, to give them a more finished look.

- Rachel

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