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January 9, 2013

Christmas Baking on Instagram

I know its late, and I know I didn't post any recipes from Christmas baking, and now it feels too late to do it at all so I figured I would just post some of the pictures I took and posted to instagram for people to look at and imagine how amazing it all tasted.
Chocolate Crinkle Peppermint Kiss Cookies
Recipe HERE!!!!
New addition to the christmas baking this year and were my favourite, definitely making these for years to come.

The best shortbread recipe ever (family secret).

Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows
I've wanted to make marshmallows for a long time, it really is easy!  And these were so good in hot cocoa.

Christmas Vanilla Chip Cookies
Last minute decision, so chewy and so good.  Recipe Here.
I also made some killer gingerbread with the roomies before we all left for our break and when we should have been studying for exams, but I do not have any pictures unfortunately.... I will have to track those down.
Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

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