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February 5, 2013

Make at Home: Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha

Pretty much every student on the planet relies on coffee to get them through some parts of the academic career.  I tend to only rely on it to get me through exam periods, which would be now.. midterm season.  I like my coffee sweet, so naturally, I am all about the white chocolate mocha.  Although I am not all about the price.  Procrastination Nation kicked in this Sunday and I decided in order to get this studying done I was going to need some caffeine, but not just a simple press-the-button-on-the-keurig kind of coffee, because that would not take nearly enough time.  Although making this coffee didn't take much time either...
All you need is:
Strong coffee
White chocolate chips

I started by filling half a small mug with milk and warming it in the microwave.  I warmed mine for two 45 second intervals.  

I then poured in the chocolate chips, I'm not sure how many but I went until I was happy with the sweetness of the milk.

Next, brew your cup of coffee.  I did this in a second small mug, because I had a fear of it overflowing and made more than I was planning on.  You could do this all in one giant mug, which would be smarter.

Finally, I combined the coffee and milk mixture in one giant, venti sized mug.

Its missing the whip cream, but I usually ask for no-whip and you could always easily add some on top if you wanted too.

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