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March 8, 2013

Nail Art: Burgundy Triangles

OPI Malaga Wine and The World is Not Enough

My first nail polish post.  Unfortunately the picture is not very good, but that is because I was never planning on doing nail polish posts.  I am by no means a nail artist and do not have a crazy nail polish collection.  Although, recently I did make a nail polish shelf, so I plan on adding to the collection once I get back into my summer job and have a little extra money.

For this look I used OPI Malaga Wine and OPI The World is Not Enough from the Skyfall collection.  Make sure you let the base dry COMPLETELY.  I would even suggest wearing just that colour for a day and then adding the triangles.  All you do for the triangles is tape out what you want with scotch tape and then paint your colour in there.  If your nails are even slightly tacky, the tape will ruin your base.  This has always been my problem, because I have problems sitting still for too long, my hands always need to be busy.

I promise better pictures from now on.
Rachel xo.

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