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March 3, 2013

Quick Birthday Cupcakes

I whipped these cute little cupcakes for two of my best friends since high school who happen to be born only 2 days apart.  Their birthday weekend usually ends up being a reunion of all our friends making the trip up to our school to hang out and celebrate.  These guys live practically around the corner from me at university and I can walk over there whenever I need a break from my roommates or just need some familiarity.
Started with white cake since they have strict "no chocolate" rules. (they're crazy)

nakey cupcakes
 I tinted some vanilla icing blue and piped simple swirls using just a ziploc bag.

Then I found these sprinkles in my box of random decorating good and threw some on there for some more colour.

I personally thought they were slightly adorable.  I didn't want to spend too much time on them as I knew they wouldn't last very long in a house full of boys and I was right.

Rachel xo.

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