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September 30, 2013

His and Hers Galaxy Shirts

The galaxy print trend is everywhere.  And I have tried (and failed) more than once to make something with a galaxy print.  Finally I decided to give it one more shot and then when my shirt turned out so great, I made another for my boyfriend.  Then we took adorable matching pictures at the park.

First I got these plain black shirts at Michael's when they were on sale for 2/7$.  You also need tape, a sponge brush and a toothbrush for painting.
I used these six Tulip fabric paints:

  • Light pink: Petal Pink
  • White: Glacier White
  • Light blue: Cool Blue
  • Dark blue: Royal Blue
  • Light purple: Periwinkle
  • Dark Purple: Grape

I started out by taping out the triangle with painters tape.

I started with the dark colours first, sponging them in little "clouds" randomly around the taped off area.

After the dark colours are down, bring in the lighter colours, make sure you blend everything together as best as you can.  This will help it look more like a galaxy than tie dye.

Once the colours have all dried, you want to use the white paint and the toothpaste to flick little white "stars" all over the triangle.  You may want to put some newspaper or plastic down around the paint so that you don't flick any white on the black of the t-shirt.

This is where I stopped for the boy's shirt.  But for mine, I used some Tulip Glitter Spray in silver to add a little twinkle.

This was the first time I have been able to convince Graham to help me out with some pictures for my blog.  He is always willing to taste test the food, but getting him to take some serious pictures was a bit of a struggle.  And when I put the pictures onto my computer I found some little surprises.... which I may be willing to share later on.

But here are the cute ones for now ;).

On me: Shirt - DIY, Pants - (Old) 7 for all Mankind, Flip Flops - Joe Fresh, Bandeau - (Old) Express.
Hope everyone had a great September!!
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  1. These look great, I think creating it inside a shape makes it even bolder!