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October 18, 2013

DIY Boho Booties

I admit I am like most people in the fall.  I can not own enough booties.  So naturally, I had to make a DIY pair perfect for fall!

I picked up these plain brown boots from Ardene's...

And then some trimmings at various places.  Including lace, cotton fabric, leather cord and belts.

I stuffed some old dish towels in the boot to kind of have an idea of how big around they would be once my foot was in there.

I started by sewing the fabric and lace into circles that fit around the boot and putting them around the boot until I was happy with the layout.

I secured these pieces with some dots of hot glue (but you could use fabric glue too).

Next I braided the red leather cord together, wrapped that around.  And then I just wrapped the belts around.  Again, I secured with some hot glue.  You may need to poke new holes in the belt and cut off the end.  I did this with a screw to make the hole and then cut off the extra end and burned it so it wouldn't fray.

Now go rock out in the leaves in your new, personalized booties!!!

What are some of your favourite things to wear in the fall?

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