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October 17, 2013

Glitter Letter Banner

So I saw this sign on pinterest probably 3 days before homecoming and said to my roommate, "Why don't we have one of these already?"  Cue trip to Michaels.  We bought 8.5' x 11' pieces of glittery foam card in silver (again, we wanted purple... no luck).  We also bought ribbon to hang the letters from.
Of course... I didn't take pictures but I made a little mini banner for my corkboard above my desk to give you guys an idea.

We split each sheet of foam in half (so count how many letters your saying has... divide that buy 2 and that's how many sheets of foam you need!).  

I know this is in thirds, but this is the scrap half of the last piece of foam leftover and I made a mini one that says YAY
Next, you want to draw your letters so that they fill the box you just made.  You can either eyeball it (like I did for YAY) or measure the width of each letter so they look even (like we did for the CHEERS sign).

Cut out all your letters and enjoy getting glitter everywhere!!!

Next you want to poke two holes through the top of your letters in order to hang them from the ribbon.

You want to thread the ribbon so that you go in from the front, behind the letter to the next whole and back out the front.  This ensures that the ribbon will not by lying over your letter but mostly behind it.

Continue this for every letter until you have them all attached!

Now your banner is ready to hang wherever you wish 

This one is above my desk to give me a little motivational cheer while I am slaving away at the books!

Our big CHEERS banner is hung in our dining room (or drinking room as us students refer to it as) and is the perfect place for the shameful "iced" picture.

Let me see your banners! Leave a comment below.
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