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October 16, 2013

Idea Notebook

I seriously need to get my brain organized.  I have an obsession with writing things down otherwise I will forget whatever I needed to remember.  I probably have about 6 or 7 notepads on my desk, 3 calendars and 2 agendas that I write things down in.  Plus my phone, and desktop "sticky notes."  When I saw some notebooks that the girls at A Beautiful Mess made I decided I needed one just for the projects and recipes I plan in my head for the blog.  I bought a small notebook at Walmart and decorated it with the OneBrokeStudent colours and logo.

I gathered some old scrapbooking paper and printed out a logo.  I started by cutting a piece of turquoise paper to fit the cover of the book.  To do this, just lay your cover on the coloured paper and trace around it.

I spent time cutting out little holes for the rings to go through.. but I wouldn't do that again.  I don't think it is worth it at all!  I also cut out the logo and glued it on top of the turquoise.

The end result is pretty plain, but I think the size will be great for writing down ideas quickly.  I might do this with my class notebooks... since they are all the exact same and I always bring the wrong one to campus!  But I will have to think of something cool to do with those... maybe Mod Podge some crazy genome and biology pictures?!

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