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October 30, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Running behind on your Halloween planning?  Finding yourself the eve of Halloween with nothing to wear?  Well have no fear, with a little creativity.. there are many ideas you probably have sitting in your closet or can whip up in a few minutes.

Amazon Lady
Amazon Lady

Channel your inner Jane from Tarzan and throw on any animal print, or this fun leafy skirt, mess up your hair and keep your makeup dirty.


What about an adorable alien?  Use any metallics you have in your closet.. or some bright green.  Or just go get some metallic silver spray paint and go crazy on some old clothing like a skirt or boots you never wear.  Make some antennae with some sparkly pipe cleaners and some fuzzy pompoms attached to an old headband! Rock some super sparkly makeup and nails to top it off.

Through on some black and a striped top (or paint stripes on a white tank using tape) and use a scrap of black material to make a face mask.  Maybe add a prop like a cat to become a "cat burglar" or a hamburger/McDonalds bag to become a "Hamburglar."

RedCoat from Pretty Little Liars
This is seriously my back up costume for the weekend incase another party pops up.  Very few boys with know what the hell I am but that doesn't bother me.  Plus, its an excuse to buy a bright red coat.

Happy Halloween everyone!
What are your costume ideas?

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