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November 30, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater

It's that time of year again!  Ugly Christmas parties are probably my favourite type of Christmas party.  My roommates and decided this year to mostly DIY our sweaters because the thrift stores are already picked through.  If you want to know how I made my snowman sweater, read on.

I picked up a $10 sweater at Walmart along with some felt, fabric glue and black fabric paint.

I started by cutting three circles out of white felt and glued them on with the fabric glue.  I also cut out a hat and twig arms with black felt.  I added a little bit of red ribbon to the hat as well.

I drew on the eyes, mouth and buttons with black fabric paint.  I used an embroidery needle and some old yarn I had to stitch in his scarf.  The nose is made with rolled up white felt, glued into a cone and then painted orange.

I added little sparkly foam snowflakes (leftover from the beer advent calendar) and cut some star shaped ones out of the same foam we used for the glitter letter banner.

Do you have an epic Christmas sweater?

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November 29, 2013

Fall Lip Colours - Mini Haul + Swatches

I recently went to the drugstore to pick up some new lip colours for fall.  I have had my eyes on these shades for a while and decided to just give in and buy some!  I didn't pick up any Revlon Just Bitten Stains because those are on my Christmas list, and I didn't want to end up with doubles.  These are the colours I ended up with from left to right:

Revlon Lip Butter in 010 Raspberry Pie, Maybelline Color Whisper in 85 Berry Ready, Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 250 Standout, Revlon Lip Butter in 040 Red Velvet and Maybelline Baby Lips in 10 Peppermint
Revlon Lip Butter - 010 Raspberry Pie

Maybelline Color Whisper - 85 Berry Ready

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm - 250 Standout

Revlon Lip Butter - 040 Red Velvet

Maybelline Baby Lips - 10 Peppermint

My first time swatching lip products... so bear with me and any pointers is greatly appreciated!  Also you can tell that my hair has faded tremendously.. I plan to dye it again after exams!

Left to Right: Raspberry Pie, Berry Ready, Standout, Red Velvet

Raspberry Pie: I love this berry shade, its nice and bright and think it will work for other seasons as well.  Also love the formula of the lip butter.

Berry Ready: Slightly darker than Raspberry Pie and I almost like how this applies better than the lip butter but they are very similar.  This one is also a little bit less glossy.

Red Velvet: I think this colour is something a little different, not a true bold red but still a nice colour on the red side.

Standout: Matte bold red.  This is my first lip crayon and I have to say I love it, much easier to apply than lipsticks or things like this.  Really want to pick up more of these!

This is my first ever beauty post so I hope it was alright... any advice would be greatly appreciated.
What's your go to lip colour for the fall/winter months?

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November 28, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

I am getting so excited for Christmas already.. I think it is final exams rearing their ugly heads in the next couple weeks along with everything Christmas popping up everywhere (And probably my David's Tea Calendar staring at me).  For some reason my Christmas list is full of beauty products, I think mostly because I have a hard time justifying some prices (which I think that many students can relate to) and also I am fully engrossed in the YouTube beauty guru community more than ever!

First I will start off with some clothing:
This green sweater from H&M has a beautiful metallic to it and I think it would look great with my new hair colour.

This scarf from Zara I have fell in love with ever since seeing it in a couple of Poor Little It Girl's outfit posts.

This perfect flannel from Roots.

I also really want a pair of classic, black Hunters for all the rain we get here so I can wear them with my bright coats and knitted socks from my mother.

Next, some of the beauty picks:
All of these are from Sephora and are their sets for the holidays, I also asked for some smaller stuff for my stocking but I won't list all those here.

And the other things:
A Wilton Chocolate Pro, to make my cake pop adventures a little easier.

Small Bluetooth Speakers (both of these are from Walmart)

What is on your Christmas List?

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November 26, 2013

Beer Advent Calendar

I could feel the envy coming from my boyfriend when he saw my David's Tea Advent Calendar so I decided to surprise him with his own exciting advent calendar.  I slyly asked him his favourite type of beer when we were at the liquor store one day, and burned it in my brain.

Now I got him this type because although it is not the most expensive beer, it is his favourite and he rarely buys it for himself because he's too cheap.  So I would suggest spoiling your guy a little or maybe even doing a different type of beer for each day if you're crazy about Christmas like that.  I also got bottles just because he said this type tastes weird in cans (don't know if that's true but I didn't want to mess with his logic).  

I picked up these glittery foam stickers at the dollar store and wrote the numbers on with a black Sharpie.  I also had the thought of wrapping each beer label with wrapping paper and a number, but decided against it.  I did wrap the beer case though, and cut off the top flaps.

I think this will keep him happy for the month, once we get home from exams we can snuggle up on the couch, me with my tea of the day and him with his beer.  Quite the picture.

Have you ever DIYed an advent calendar?  My roommates and I are talking about making a big one for here.. even though we are only here for the beginning of the month.

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November 24, 2013

David's Tea 24 Days of Tea

So I found out about the David's Tea advent calendar "24 Days of Tea" about 2 days too late.  But with a little determination and about 20+ phone calls to various stores my roommate and I got them!

These babies sold out of stores and online in just a few short hours on November 8th.  But on November 10th, I started making some phone calls.  A kind lady at one of the 5 stores I called informed me that there were rumours going around that some stores would be getting a limited number later on in the week.  So I kept calling back and eventually, at one of the stores in Toronto, we were told they were unpacking them at that moment.  So we sent my roommate's dad over to the store ASAP and he easily snatched two up.  We literally jumped with joy when he texted us back.

It comes in this big red book that smells delightful with little doors that I assume hold little tins of tea.  I will be posting daily on which tea comes out of those doors and giving my brief review.  I am no tea expert, I just enjoy trying new flavours and my daily cup of tea or two.  It's just staring at me from my desk and I am far too excited for December 1st.  This also started full force christmas spirit in me, so I got some white Christmas lights for my room (which I've always wanted year round anyway) and my candy cane candle.

Its just so beautiful.
Do you have any favourite advent calendars that you rush out to buy?

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