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November 26, 2013

Beer Advent Calendar

I could feel the envy coming from my boyfriend when he saw my David's Tea Advent Calendar so I decided to surprise him with his own exciting advent calendar.  I slyly asked him his favourite type of beer when we were at the liquor store one day, and burned it in my brain.

Now I got him this type because although it is not the most expensive beer, it is his favourite and he rarely buys it for himself because he's too cheap.  So I would suggest spoiling your guy a little or maybe even doing a different type of beer for each day if you're crazy about Christmas like that.  I also got bottles just because he said this type tastes weird in cans (don't know if that's true but I didn't want to mess with his logic).  

I picked up these glittery foam stickers at the dollar store and wrote the numbers on with a black Sharpie.  I also had the thought of wrapping each beer label with wrapping paper and a number, but decided against it.  I did wrap the beer case though, and cut off the top flaps.

I think this will keep him happy for the month, once we get home from exams we can snuggle up on the couch, me with my tea of the day and him with his beer.  Quite the picture.

Have you ever DIYed an advent calendar?  My roommates and I are talking about making a big one for here.. even though we are only here for the beginning of the month.

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