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November 24, 2013

David's Tea 24 Days of Tea

So I found out about the David's Tea advent calendar "24 Days of Tea" about 2 days too late.  But with a little determination and about 20+ phone calls to various stores my roommate and I got them!

These babies sold out of stores and online in just a few short hours on November 8th.  But on November 10th, I started making some phone calls.  A kind lady at one of the 5 stores I called informed me that there were rumours going around that some stores would be getting a limited number later on in the week.  So I kept calling back and eventually, at one of the stores in Toronto, we were told they were unpacking them at that moment.  So we sent my roommate's dad over to the store ASAP and he easily snatched two up.  We literally jumped with joy when he texted us back.

It comes in this big red book that smells delightful with little doors that I assume hold little tins of tea.  I will be posting daily on which tea comes out of those doors and giving my brief review.  I am no tea expert, I just enjoy trying new flavours and my daily cup of tea or two.  It's just staring at me from my desk and I am far too excited for December 1st.  This also started full force christmas spirit in me, so I got some white Christmas lights for my room (which I've always wanted year round anyway) and my candy cane candle.

Its just so beautiful.
Do you have any favourite advent calendars that you rush out to buy?

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