Google+ That Flour Child: Instagram Lately #1

November 8, 2013

Instagram Lately #1

I have been studying away and working a bunch of end of year projects but I wanted to through in a post today quickly.

I have two instagrams, my personal one is @rmahxo and I started one in the summer for my etsy/blog when I was selling shorts and cupcakes at the farmers market, @onebrokestudent.
So feel free to follow either and I will follow you back!
I haven't been able to keep up with the blog one as much because I really wish they would just figure it out at instagram and make the app like twitter where you can manage two accounts at once!  Am I right?

Anyway, end of rant and on to the pictures.

Some early Halloween candy.. pretty much killed all my tastebuds on these ones.

Some feisty days of Shark Week on Halloween

After Halloween Graham and I went to donate blood for our first times ever!  We will be going back as soon as we can, it was a great experience!

About two days ago I ditched the blonde hair and finally went for an auburn shade... still getting used to it but so far I think I like it.  I plan on shooting some real pictures of it after my exam tomorrow and then writing a post so keep your eyes open for that!

This morning, my mom sent me a picture of our road at home, covered in snow!  So excited!  Immediately went and made a hot chocolate.

Are you excited about the snow coming?
Have any thoughts on my new hair colour?

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