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November 21, 2013

One Broke Student's First Blogiversary

Happy First Birthday to my blog!
When I started this blog I don't think I ever expected myself to still be writing in it.  I mean I had hoped I would but I have a problem sticking with something (as you can tell from the first half year of this blog).  But I have really picked up writing my posts and posting more frequently and I can only hope that it will continue!

I am quite proud of what I have accomplished in this year.  I mean I never expected to have well over 1,000 views let alone over 5,000!  I think I started off slowly because no one really knew that I was blogging, but once my roommates figured it out and I opened it up to a couple people this summer (along with my Etsy) it has made it a lot easier to blog.  I can openly snap photos with my big camera and don't have to justify why I am taking pictures of everything I bake/make anymore.  I really wish I had told people sooner, but I think with anything that you're starting on your own, and you're unsure how it will turn out you're a little apprehensive to put it out there.  I think that blogging like this has really opened me up to a lot of things.  I have (sorta) met a few people through this website and hope that that only continues.

Although I do have some goals for this blog in the future.  I want to obviously gain more readers, as well as more bloglovin' followers.  I hope to improve my photos and start playing with some props in food photos.  I am kind of very intrigued to start including a few vlogs here and there in my posts (I think I might give vlogmas a go).

Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and special thanks to those of you that keep coming back!  I have lots of posts banked up in drafts for over exams so that I am not gone from the blog world for the next 3 weeks and can't wait to start posting lots of Christmas recipes!

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