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December 4, 2013

China Glaze Snow Buddy Holiday Nail Polish Set

So this is what the set is supposed to look like above.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the set I picked up looked like this....

Now seeing as I didn't need a little plush polar bear (and someone else obviously wanted only that) I bought this anyway because the price couldn't be beat ($10!!!).  I got this at Winners and since I was dying to see what the textured polish, "There's Snow One Like You" looked like.  I also liked the look of the glitter polish, "Be Merry, Be Bright."  Not crazy about how orange the foil polish, "Elfin' Around" is for Christmas, but its still a good deal.

Left to right: Elfin' Around, Be Merry Be Bright, There's Snow One Like You

Here are some amateur swatches at best so bear with me.  All were taken on different nights because I've worn them all out (except Snow One Like You, but more about that later).

Elfin' Around is a orangey-corally red shimmer polish. Although I like this shade and it applied well I do wish it were more of a 'Christmas Red' but I guess Just Be Claws it that polish in the collection.  I guess what I'm saying is that I would rather swap this one out for that one just for a full holiday collection.

Be Merry Be Bright is a clear coat loaded with multi-sized hexes in purple and magenta.  I decided to swatch this as a full manicure not just a top coat for something a little different.  This is 3 coats.

There's Snow One Like You is a texture polish in this collection and is supposed to look like snow.  It applies quite a bit thick which is why I don't think I could wear it as a full mani.  I think it fully achieved that look but obviously has a very specific purpose and I can't see myself getting any other wear out of this polish.  Will for sure be rocking it at an ugly christmas sweater party or two!

Overall I am glad I picked this set up, I like how you get a shimmer, a glitter and a texture polish all in one. I think its a great idea for a Christmas gift for any nail polish lover!

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