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December 9, 2013

Christmas Break Bucket List 2013-2014

With my countdown to the end of finals in full force (even though they haven't started), Graham and I have been brainstorming some things we want to do over the break.  So, I decided to compile a list, because who doesn't love lists.

our gingerbread house from last year

  1. Spend a day or night on the ski hills.
  2. Make many types of marshmallows, including these Bailey's marshmallows.
  3. Crush through Breaking Bad (because I feel like the only human being who hasn't).
  4. Apply to grad schools.
  5. I thought about doing vlogmas, but seeing as I have never made a video in my life I think that maybe we will just shoot some stuff and see what comes out of it?
  6. DIY my little heart out.
  7. Bake my little heart out.
  8. Make this skillet mac and cheese from The Londoner.
  9. Go snow tubing and/or tobogganing.
  10. Make candy cane ice cream (Graham's favourite and I like to put in it hot cocoa).
  11. Pick out a Christmas tree ornament together (start this tradition).
  12. Go to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.
  13. Film an Amazing Race Canada audition!
  14. Open our New Years jar
What are some of your plans for the break?
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  1. I want to go to the Ripley's Aquarium so badly! Hopefully I will find sometime over the break. One of my musts is going skating and seeing the lights at the park. Oh and of course baking but thats pretty much expected by now. haha.

    1. I want to go to the Aquarium sooooo badly, but I'm worried it will be insane busy over the break. I am dying to try to make macaroons, they are on my baking list for sure!