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December 13, 2013

David's Advent Calendar - Day 13

Today was a tea I have been dying to try!  Glitter and Gold.

It is a black tea with gold sugar balls (that leave your tea glittering... seriously! adorable!), sugar crystals, lemon peel, cloves, vanilla and cinnamon.

It is stinking adorable and it's the first "chai tea" of the bunch and I love it.

This picture looks a little different, mostly because I was trying to get a shot of the glitter but also because once I go home for the break, the background is going to change anyway!  Plus this picture looks cool so I put it in here.

Here is the best shot of the glitter I could get, it is so stinkin' cute.  I'm obsessed.  Definitely buying again, makes me feel so special!

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