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December 4, 2013

David's Tea Advent Calendar - Day 4

Forever Nuts is this Wednesday's tea.

This is one of David's Tea's best sellers and I was excited to try it because this is a tea one of my roommates drinks regularly.  It really doesn't look like a tea in the tin, more like a trail mix to be honest. When I started steeping it, it took so long for any colour to develop I was wondering if you were supposed to add it with another tea?  Strange thought I know.

It has apple bits, almond slices and chunks, cinnamon, beetroot.  It ends up turning a really pretty pink colour because of the beetroot, this is the reason I bought a clear mug to do these posts!

It's a really yummy tea, tastes like apple cinnamon nutty pie to me.  I really like this one and can see why it is a best seller.

Have you ever tried this tea?

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