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December 5, 2013

David's Tea Advent Calendar - Day 5

First off, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

And now for today's tea, Stormy Night.

I guess this was a limited edition tea because I couldn't find it on the website anymore.  Anyway, it a black tea with chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut.  I loved the smell of this but was slightly disappointed by the taste.

It brews up to a nice tea colour but the flavour is a little weak.  Although, I added a little bit of sugar and it's really growing on me.  The cinnamon kind of over powers the other tastes, and maybe its just the fact that there's been 3/5 teas heavy on the cinnamon that I'm kind of over it.  I want to try a green tea or something peppermint (my favourite).

Not my favourite so far but it still has it's place in the collection I think!

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  1. I was getting tired of the cinnamon too, I think you'll be happy with the change of pace that todays tea brings. Try Stormy Night as a latte!

  2. Haha yes I have opened today's tea just haven't brewed it yet, guess I got what I asked for!