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December 6, 2013

David's Tea Advent Calendar - Day 6

I guess the David's Tea calendar heard my wishes yesterday and today is a green tea, Genmaicha.

I will admit when I looked at the teas on the back of the box, I was not too excited for this one.  I mean I am by no means a health nut, I like my sweets, my fast food and my netflix.  Although I enjoy a cup of green tea regularly, the ingredients of this one did not really apply to me.

First impression of this tea, looks like hamster food.  But I promised myself I would give every tea in this calendar a try, if I don't like it, Graham will drink it because he loves green tea.  This is green tea with roasted rice.

I brewed this for the suggested 2-3 minutes and honestly, it just smells like a sushi restaurant.  Since I love sushi, this kind of turned the the around for me.  It has a very light taste (maybe I truly didn't brew it for long enough) but this is a great green tea.  All I really have to compare to it is Tetley green tea bags so I am by no means a green tea connoisseur but I enjoy this tea.

Finally a break in the cinnamon flavours!

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