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December 22, 2013

Shrimp Salsa

I had a potluck to go to the other night and couldn't think of what to bring.  I remembered this Shrimp Salsa recipe from The Londoner and decided it was a great idea.

I had to make this for about 40 people and her recipe was only for about 4 people.  I ended up using two packs of cherry tomatoes, one red onion, two jalapeño peppers (no seeds) and probably about a cup of cooked, peeled shrimp.

Chop everything up as small as your patience can handle.

I used the juice of one lime and some salt and pepper to taste. I skipped the cilantro because it is not an appreciated flavour in my house (Mom's allergic, and Graham hates it), and of course my parents and Graham wanted me to leave them some to try.

Graham took over the photography for this picture and was quite proud of himself so I had to include it.  After all, he did deem it "blog worthy."

All the colours in here really make it a pretty dish.  I think it would be great to make in the summer as well, maybe throw some mangoes or peaches in there?

What's your go-to dish to bring to potlucks?
I usually like to try something new to bring!

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