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December 8, 2013

David's Tea Advent Calendar - Day 8

Today's tea is Mango Madness.

I took these photos late at night, with no natural light so that is why they have a yellow-tinge to them... I apologize.  

This tea smells like fruit juice.

This is a white Bai Mu Dan tea, with apple pieces, orange peel, pineapple, mango, orange slices, freeze dried tangerine pieces, safflower petals, freeze dried strawberry pieces, and marigold blossoms.

I left this tea to brew, started making dinner and forgot about it.  So I think I let it brew for too long and it got quite bitter, I'm assuming because of all the citrus peel in it.  I also had a huge hunk of something in the tea I brewed, which may have contributed to it.  This tea didn't live up to my expectations, although I think I need to try it again.

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