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December 29, 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013

It took me a while to decide if I was going to write this post or not, but after seeing a lot of people post one and really enjoying them I decided why not?!

I was even very tempted to film a video about it instead but still haven't gotten around to it.

I'll start with some of the makeup stuff I got.

My mom got me this mascara sampler form Sephora which I am so excited to try.  Some of the brushes are so wacky, and I can't wait to see if they actually work.

From left to right: Benefit They're Real, Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Buxom, Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes, and Lorac Pro

Next up is Benefit's Hoola Bronzer

My Dad got me this mousse conditioner from Macadamia called Flawless.  I tried it this morning and am in love.  Gives my flat hair some volume when it just air dries, gets rid of my fly aways and leaves my hair so shiny and soft.

I also got the Naked 2 Palette which I am BEYOND excited about.

I asked for this one instead of the Naked 1 because I thought it was a bit warmer and more the colours I like to wear.  Also, I asked for it before the Naked 3 was out which I also am really interested in trying (maybe next Shopper's spend your points event).

I can feel my obsession growing every time I look at it.

Next, Graham's family did a big Secret Santa instead of buying individual gifts because there are so many of them.  One of the things my secret Santa gave me was Too Faced's All I Want For Christmas.

It comes in this really pretty makeup bag (turquoise is my favourite) with a bunch of their most popular cosmetics.  It has a lip product (La Crème), Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, Perfect Eyes waterproof eyeliner, a Blush/Eyeshadow compact, and Lash Injection mascara.

I was super excited about the shadow primer and the eyeliner applies very easily.

Moving on from the makeup I received,
Also from my Secret Santa, I got some stuff from David's Tea!

She got me this personal teapot in my favourite colour again!  As well as the holiday collection of teas.

I got a bunch of baking supplies (I think my family was dropping some hints).  I got a cupcake carrier shaped as a giant cupcake from my brother and his girlfriend as well as a gift card.  Also a silicon baking sheet which I am going to use for my macaroon attempt.

I got this donut pan which Graham and I put to use this morning, so look for my first donut attempt blog post coming up soon!

I got this Master Tip set so I will never have to buy a icing tip again!  It has over 55 tips, plus couplers and flower nails.  My mom also got me 100 disposable piping bags and 4 other couplers.

It's so beautiful I know.

My mom and I got Yoga Blocks (from me) and my mom knit me these gorgeous yoga socks.

My Dad got me this little wireless bluetooth speaker, it fits in my hand.

And finally, my amazing boyfriend got me HUNTERS.  I was way too excited, he got the right colour and finish!  I was so proud and absolutely love them.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!
What was the best gift you received?

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  1. Looks like you got some great gifts! I love the personal teapot from David's I haven't seen it there before! I got the naked palette last year and I love it. I wanted Naked 2 but they were completely sold out so I settled for the original one, can't wait to hear how you like Naked 2. I am super jealous of all your baking stuff. I got a gift card to winners and plan on purchasing some new things for my kitchen from there. Hunters were probably the best investment I made going to university. It rains so much at my school and the snow just turns to slush so when I add the hunter socks they are nice and warm for walking to class in the winter.

    Hope you are enjoying your break.


    Ps. Is there somewhere I can email you about potentially doing a guest post on my blog?

    1. I think she ordered the teapot online, I don't think I've ever seen it in stores either... David's Tea has a pretty good shipping policy. I seriously want to own all the Naked palettes now, its bad haha. It rains a ton at my school too so I am super excited for those boots, plus my feet are always wet and cold so I'm hoping those will help.

      I would love to chat about guest posts! You could do one here too!
      My email is
      Can't wait to hear from you!

  2. That icing tip thing looks incredible, I never knew you could get so many different nozzles! Glad you had a good Christmas.