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January 7, 2014

New Glasses!

I finally invested in a new pair of glasses!  For those of you that know me, know that I have horrible eyesight and have been wearing glasses since I was in Grade 3.  I had my previous pair for almost 5 years and decided it was time to get new frames instead of new lenses when my prescription went up... again.

I usually wear contacts because I just find glasses can be such a hassle most of the time.  You can't wear sunglasses over you glasses, they get rain or snow on them and dry into little droplets, they fog up as soon as you walk inside from the cold and they're impossible to lie down with on.  But I cannot see a foot in front of my face if I'm not wearing them or contacts so learn to love it I guess.

I got a pair of RayBans because I have two pairs of their sunglasses and love their frames.  So far I am happy with how they look and am just adjusting to the new strength (headaches... ugh) and the size of the lens/frame.

It took me so long to decide on a pair but I'm glad I finally did!
Do you guys wear glasses?

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  1. They look great! I totally feel you with the fogging of the glasses, especially with the super cold temperatures we are having right now in Toronto! I have thought of getting contacts but hate wearing my glasses when I am reading or working on the computer so they are constantly on and off, so I am not sure contacts would work for me.


  2. Wow! It definitely took you long enough to get a pair of glasses. I'm just glad you finally decided to tend to your eyes' needs, no matter how late it was. Hahaha! Anyway, I hope you noticed tons of worthy differences with regard to wearing glasses than without. Also, you look gorgeous wearing them, Rachel! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Beulah Jackson @ 96th Street Eye Care