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February 4, 2014

Football (Super Bowl) Cupcakes

As I'm sure all of you are aware, this past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday.  Naturally there were potlucks to attend and I was requested to bring cupcakes.  I get pretty excited about the Super Bowl (I can get really invested in sports games) and was really excited to make these football themed cupcakes.

I had quite a few ideas running through my head throughout the week about what I wanted to make.  First of all I knew I wanted to put my new Wilton Grass Icing Tip to use.  I decided to pipe some turf all over the cupcake and put footballs on top.  I had many ideas about what I was going to make the footballs out of, cake pops, moulded tootsie rolls, chocolate covered almonds.  But as I was walking through the bulk food store I found foil wrapped chocolate covered peanut butter "footballs."  Thank god I did because I know this saved me so much time (although once unwrapped they really just look like chocolate eggs so that could work too).

I piped green grass all over the cupcake and placed the footballs on top, finishing them off with some white buttercream laces.  I made chocolate cupcakes to look like the dirt and also used some vanilla cake with folded in sprinkles in the two teams colours.  They were a big hit at the different potlucks and I think they turned out just like I envisioned.

What did you guys make for Super Bowl Sunday??

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