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February 21, 2014

How I Spent My Reading Week 2014

I spent my final reading week in Ft. Myers with my parents at my grandparents place.  Nothing special, just a chance for me to escape the reality back home and get away from the cold weather!  We ended up spending some time with my cousins and went out fishing with some family friends.  Of course mom and I did some shopping so look for those hauls once I get home and can take some pictures!

Anyway, here are some photos of my trip... we leave tomorrow to drive back to the snowy wonderland.

When we got here we were greeted by a very flurry new puppy.

We spent one afternoon out on the boat with my aunt, uncle and cousin.  We parked at Picnic Island and I was in charge of cooking up some burgers.

We saw lots of dolphins on the boat ride back!

But unfortunately no manatees...

The next day we went out for some ocean fishing, my first time ever!

We ended up with a good amount of fish for dinner..

We (by we I mean Mike) filed the fish and got them ready for the fish fry.

After dinner we sat back by the (ridiculously gorgeous) pool and enjoyed a glass of wine.

Overall I am glad I could get away for the week!

Also, I am thinking of re-branding One Broke Student which will include a name change seeing as I will be graduating.  What do you guys think about that?  As far as I can tell I can simply change the URL of the site and everything will still be in place... is that true?

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  1. Its really easy to change your URL on blogger. The only thing is, make sure that your readers know you are changing it or what your new URL is so that they can still find your blog. Or redirect them from onebrokestudent to your new URL.


  2. Such a cute puppy! It looks like a fun week. Yes, you can change your blog url and still have it redirect all old posts :)