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February 3, 2014

January Favourites 2014

Wow I can not believe that January is over.  It was a slow month for my blog, but I was swamped with applications and getting back into the swing of a new semester.  I hope that when I get my camera charger back, it will motivate me to make some more stuff for on here!  I do have some cupcake posts coming up!

Beauty Favourites:
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: I got this for Christmas and have been having so much fun playing around with pretty much every shade in this palette.
Raspberry Pie Revlon Lip Butter: I have been loving putting a little dab of this all over my lips just for a little bit of berry colour for the day.
Real Techniques Brushes: Another amazing Christmas gift.  Finally a good collection of brushes, for a great price, I recommend these to anyone
NYX Super Skinny Marker Liquid Liner: I have had this for a while but am falling back in love with a cat eye and use this on my top lid to do so.
Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser: I seriously have the darkest circles under my eyes, doesn't matter how much I sleep they are always there.  I finally picked this up and this is so far the best under eye dark circle concealer I have found.

Other Favourites:
Favourite Music Discovery: 
Cayucos.  A band that is going on tour with Young the Giant this year, check out this song and then listen to High School Lover if you like this one.

Favourite Cover: 
Kings of Leon Dancing on My Own, haven't closed this tab on my computer since I found this video.  Making me even more excited for their concert in February.

Favourite TV Shows: 
Nashville, I mean the twists before the Christmas break blew my mind and I am obsessed with this show.  Even if you're not a country music fan, if you like a show with lots of drama you will like this.  Normally I would say Pretty Little Liars in here but I am just getting so frustrated with the lack of answers from the show and the writing is getting too cheesy for me.
Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory.  Hello, funniest show in the world.  I friggin love this show so much and I am so sad that this is the final season, but so far it hasn't disappointed.  If I could switch places hang out with someone for the day, it would be him.
The Bachelor, yes I am guilty of religiously watching the Bachelor.  Do I enjoy Juan Pablo?  No.  Are the dates as amazing as usual? No.  But the girls this season are very entertaining (Kelly, you are hilarious and I love you) and the drama has already started.

Favourite Scent: 
Snowday Candle.  I picked up this candle at Bath and Body Works along with some of their new spring scents.  But I have been burning this one all month because it's still freezing and snowy outside that I can't bring myself to burn the Peach Bellini or Margarita candles yet.

Favourite Movie: 
The Wolf on Wall Street.  So hilarious and kinda sad and totally amazing.  Love this movie.

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  1. I basically love everything that you just wrote about! I just started watched Nashville on Netflix & I am SO hooked, PLL is also frustrating me, and I feel the same way about the Bachelor! Juan Pablo does not exicte me at all, aha.

  2. I just started Nashville on Netflix. I am really excited to binge watch it this weekend. I have gotten tired of PLL and will put it on in the background while I make dinner or something they really need to get to the point already.

    Hoping to go see Wolf on Wall Street tomorrow.


  3. I LOVE Raspberry Pie Revlon Lip Butter!! This is my favorite too, it is the perfect color, and it feels great on!