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February 5, 2014

YourTea Tiny TeaTOX Week 1

Okay guys so I have just finished my first week of my tiny tea tox.  I will say I wasn't the best at the timing of the tea drinking or doing it every day twice a day but I still did see some results.  I will also say that I am no fitness/nutrition/tea/detox expert of any kind, just a university student that wanted to try it out.
Taste: I will say that this is not my favourite tea flavour in the entire world, but it is definitely drinkable.  I will say that I think you need to like the flavour of tea in order to even remotely enjoy this tea.  It sort of tastes to me like a black/green tea.  Very herbal, I like to add a little bit of honey to it but it is definitely not over powering.
Bloating: First, I could really tell that I was not bloated.  When I woke up in the morning I felt fantastic and my tightest jeans slide right on (fresh out of the wash too!).  Especially since I started right before my time of the month, I could really tell that I didn't feel bloated or gross.  I also didn't have as bad of cramps as I usually do right before.
Face: I will tell you I haven't broken out at all on the tea, I don't usually have very bad break outs so I can't really say if this tea is helping with that or not... I feel like this would be something that would take longer than one week to decide.
Energy: This tea has replaced my morning coffee.  I feel just as awake afterwards as I do when I have a coffee without the coffee jittery feeling.  Although, I do miss my cup of joe in the morning (and Roll up the Rim is coming back in like two weeks for us Canadians).
Weightloss: I am not a big number on the scale person, I try not to pay attention to it.  I am more excited when my skinny jeans do up easier and I feel like my clothes fit better than when I see a smaller number on the scale.  That being said I did weigh myself on the first day to see if it made any difference and I ended up losing 3 pounds in the first two days.  Do with that what you will (fluctuation?) but like I said, my skinnies fit better and thats good enough for me.

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Also this post is not sponsored in anyway, I bought this with my own money!
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