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May 2, 2014

LUSH Haul April 2014

I have very recently grown to love LUSH.  Their website is and since I don't have a LUSH very near by my hometown I decided to go a little crazy at the one by my school before I moved out forever.  Since I don't take bubble baths at school, I always take them at home so I wanted to pick up some bath bombs and bars.

First thing I picked up is one of my favourites and I always grab one.  The Yuzu Cocoa, which is a "fluffily citrus chocolate."

Next thing I picked up was the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar.  This one is very sweet smelling, they describe it as "delicate vanilla candies and cotton candy."

I picked up a Butterball bath bomb, which is vanilla scented (can see a little theme here, I love sweet scents).

And finally I grabbed the Ocean face and body scrub which I had heard really good things about.  It's one of their best sellers and I can see why, it leaves your face super soft.

Also my roommate and I were able to get a sample from the wonderful ladies that worked there and we decided to have a facial night and opted for Mask of Magnaminty which was highly recommended.  I'm not a huge facial person, but we had a lot of stressed related zits during exams so I thought it was a nice treat.

What are some of your recommendations from LUSH?  Let me know in the comments below!

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