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September 21, 2014

Bath and Body Works | Fall Haul

I am a sucker for Bath and Body Works and I always get sucked right in whenever the season changes.  So obviously, with all the fall scents out I had to do a little shopping but I did feel it was a tad early so I resisted (kind of).

I picked up two 3-wick candles: Marshmallow Fireside and Sweater Weather.

Marshmallow Fireside is always one of my favourites, its key notes include: toasted marshmallow, smouldering woods and warm vanilla. Plus how cute are those little leaves on the lid ?!

Sweater Weather is another fall staple for me, with key notes of fresh sage, crisp apple and juniper berry it puts me right in the fall mood.

Next I picked up two mason jar candles to try some new scents, I didn't want to commit to the full 3-wick for these ones incase I didn't like them!

First up is Tailgate, which is more of a masculine scent but sometimes its nice to have the option.  The key notes are creamy lavender, spanish pepper and cedar wood (mmmm manly lumberjack).  Second up is Wasabi Apple which is a very different scent to me, but I was surprised at how much I liked it!  Key notes are baked fuji apples, hot wasabi and touch of cinnamon.

I also left the store with a promo they had called the Pumpkin Pail!  It was $25 when you spent $30 or more and is filled with a little bit of everything ($75+ value)

It included hand soaps (both foam and antibacterial) in Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, which isn't my favourite because it kinda punches you in the face with sugary scents (pumpkin waffle batter, powdered sugar and pure maple syrup).  It also had a body lotion, shower gel and body mist in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, which actually grows on me each time I use it.  Key notes are harvest pumpkin, spiced clove and vanilla cream, much lighter and easier scent to wear than the waffles one.  It also included a cute pumpkin shaped loofa and 3 mini candles: Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Spiced Pumpkin Cider (spiced cider, cinnamon crystals and pumpkin puree) and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

It does make a great starter to get your bathroom and home ready for fall!
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  1. MMMMM... sweater weather is my fav. i bought 4 candles recently, and I think I'm gonna go return "Salted Caramel Corn" for another sweater weather candle.

    & that pumpkin pail deal is sweet! :)

  2. I love Bath and Body Works. My roommate and I have a mini roomie meeting every time we need to pick out a new soap for the bathroom. haha.

    I might have to go in just for that pumpkin pail! It sounds amazing. I love all the variations they have on pumpkin this year.