Google+ That Flour Child: I DYED MY HAIR !

October 5, 2014


Kidding, not really.

Seeing Ashley Tisdale-French's new lavender ends really got me thinking about whether or not I would be able to pull off pastel locks.  Now obviously I'm not going to run out, bleach my head and dye it crazy colours.. I don't have that much nerve.  Naturally I went to the mighty app store and looked for some hair changing apps.

The first app I found is called Hair Color. Pretty self explanatory, but if you want to do any colours other than a few shades of brown, red or blonde then you have to pay for the upgrade, which I wasn't doing.  I used this to turn my hair platinum.

Back to the app store we go.  Then I found HairColorBth, which lets you only change your hair colours and doesn't have a blonde/brown/red option.  But it does allow you to add streaks and different colours, to up your colour selection though you will have to buy the upgrade.  All I wanted to try was the purple, and I gave pink a go as well because with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I figured I could maybe get away with some temporary dye if I was feeling brave!

So first I tried some all over colour.

Bubblegum Pink:

Then using the Add Colour, I added an ombre effect in both colours:

And finally, a Unicorn Hair

I really had too much fun with these apps!  This post isn't sponsored in any way, I found these apps on my own.  But I do think y'all should give them a try!  Tag me in your instagrams or twitter pics if you do!

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  1. love the blog rebrand! :)
    & i seriously thought you dyed your hair when i saw it on instagram ahahah.