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October 8, 2014

Makeup/Beauty Products Storage Overhaul!

Yes I have followed in the steps of many beauty bloggers and purchased a set of Alex drawers from IKEA.  Those of you that follow a lot of beauty bloggers of youtube beauty gurus like I do will know exactly what I am talking about.  With my latest move home my plastic drawers had a little tumble down some stairs (not because I tried to carry it myself and dropped it) and had officially bit the dust. There were literally chunks of plastic missing.  Plus they were dirty and discussing and needed to be cleaned out but I was putting it off ALL SUMMER.

I'm slightly embarrassed that I just posted that.

So to motivate myself I got myself a shiny new set of sturdy drawers.  Sometimes thats all a girl needs.  Drawers were assembled in the afternoon and by dinnertime the next day they were stocked and somewhat organized.

 I still need some more dividers but can't find any that are reasonably priced (I got the ones you see in here for $25 which is ridiculous in my opinion but this girl was desperate).  Anyway I got too excited about the overhaul and had to post some pictures (note to self... make my bed next time).

This is a close up of the top, I recently got these lipstick organizers from Amazon and since they aren't full have been using it as an excuse to buy more lippies.... oops.  I also stand up all my brushes in this rectangular glass thing I bought at the dollar store filled with some dollar store floral crystals(?). I also made those boards that my necklaces are hanging on... but I will post that later.

First drawer I refer to as the Face Drawer.  It's where I keep all my foundations, blushes, primers, bronzers, concealers, wipes, moisturizers, etc.

Next down is the Eye Drawer.  You can see I need another organizer for my mascaras as they are currently rolling around whenever I open/close this drawer.  In here I also have eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows and lashes.

Then comes the Hair Accessory Drawer.  Bobby pins, hair ties, bows, headbands, hair donuts, clips.

I then have a (basically empty) drawer for lip stuff since all my lipsticks are on top, but some balms are chilling in here. Then there is a boring drawer with Q-Tips, contacts, contact solution, random rings and bracelets.

Then we hit the bigger drawers, first up is the Nail Polish Drawer.  Sometimes I just open it to admire its beauty. #realtalk.

Next are Hair Products.

And body lotions/fragrances

SO MUCH BETTER!!! Wouldn't you agree?

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