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November 11, 2014

Super Easy DIY Necklace Storage

I made this adorable necklace "pin board" to keep all my statement necklaces on.  It keeps them from getting tangled and doubles as wall art in my opinion.  Its also incredibly easy, seriously if you can wrap a present, you can make this.

Pick up some cork board (either these squares that I got from Target or just a roll from a craft store and you can cut it to whatever size you want), wrapping paper of your choice (mine is also from Target), scissors and tape.

Cut your wrapping paper to fit your cork board.  Remember you will be taping the back so you do not need it big enough to cover the whole way around.  Wrap them as you would a present or just simply fold the overlapping edges over and tape them.  Stick the boards to the wall with some command strips or whatever you normally use to attach things to your walls.

Pin up your necklaces and enjoy!

Let me see your versions of this DIY! Use #thatflourchild or @rmahxo to tag me in your photos on twitter or instagram!

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