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November 28, 2014

Big Holiday LUSH Haul

If you guys follow me on instagram or twitter (both @rmahxo) you will know that my love of LUSH is quickly turning into an obsession.  Since the closest LUSH store to me is nearly 2 hours away I decided to do my first online order, since their shipping is only $6, it is probably cheaper than me driving to the mall anyway (plus I am not tempted to spend a bunch of other money at other stores in the mall!).  My package got here in only 3 days even though it said 5-7 days and although I was a tad worried some of the bath bombs might break I was pleasantly surprised that they were all in one piece!

I guess I'll start out with the bath bombs I got...

Golden Wonder This one seems to be pretty popular with a lot of bloggers and you tubers, so I got myself two of them.  If you shake it you can actually hear the surprise rattling around in the middle.  It has citrus and champagne scents in it and turns your bath an amazing colour.

Shoot for the Stars another one that turns your bath a beautiful colour and is also citrus scented but a little sweeter.

Luxury LUSH Pud which is supposed to look like Christmas pudding is absolutely massive.  It's scented with soothing lavender and is one of the most colourful bombs I've seen.

Father Christmas, this one smells like Christmas and I've heard turns your bath into a bright green colour!

Northern Lights this is the one I've been trying to get my hands on my past two trips to LUSH and is another reason why I decided to just order online!  I've seen pictures of this one all over instagram and cannot wait!  It also has a very nice floral scent.

 Sparkler I've already had this bath bomb and loved how glittery it made the bath water so I grabbed another one just because.  It smells like lemon-rose perfume if you're wondering!

Next onto the Bubble Bars....

Holly Golightly starting it off with the Christmas-y of them all, this one is covered in glitter and has an amazing spicy scent.

Christmas Eve Although this is not the prettiest of the bubble bars I fell in love with the scent of this one on one of my trips to the store so I just had to have it.  The scents are supposedly ylang-ylang and jasmine but to me it just smells amazing and Christmas-y

The Christmas Penguin Not only is he adorable but he smells like orange blossoms!

The Christmas Hedgehog After much debate with two of my best friends, this is indeed supposed to look like a hedgehog.  He feels very buttery which is probably due to the cocoa butter in him!  He also smells like ylang-ylang and jasmine.  I'm sure he will leave me feeling silky smooth!

That's all for this haul! These should last me until after Christmas I hope!!
What's your favourite LUSH product?

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