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November 13, 2014

Christmas Room Inspo

Living at home after living with roommates at school is a huge adjustment.  You lose some of your personal space and freedom and have to adjust to living under your parent's rules again.  Although my parents are very easy going, it just isn't the same as living in a house filled with your best friends and never will be.

Regardless one of the things I am finding myself wishing I could do is ridiculously decorate our house so that it looks like Christmas.  When I lived with my roommates, we used to decorate for EVERY holiday, we hit up the dollar store and just went nuts.  By the end of 4 years we had garbage bags and garbage bags of different cheap (slightly tacky) decorations for all occasions.  Now I know I can't get away with decorated my house here like that, I can hopefully decorate my own room.  Not saying my mom doesn't decorate for Christmas but she does have a late birthday and doesn't allow any decorations up before her birthday (it's a tradition in our house).

I have been looking at Tumblr and Pinterest for pictures of inspiration for my room and have also wandered around Target, Walmart and the dollar store to look at what I want to decorate with.  I just want to share some of the pictures with you guys and will put together a post (or video) of what my room looks like once it is all decorated!

Christmas Bedroom Decor

Any other ideas you guys have I would love to hear them below!!

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  1. i cant wait to get all my christmas decorations out! it is by far my favourite time of the year! id love it if youd comment back xx