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December 22, 2014

Maybelline "The Smokes" Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline recently released another eyeshadow palette similar to "The Nudes" but this one is limited edition and is called "The Smokes," as if that wasn't obvious from the title of this post.  These palettes are a very affordable option for a beginner eyeshadow palette.

This palette contains some natural shadows but also some ways to experiment with colour.  There is a teal colour, a navy as well as a nice burgundy/berry shade.  The shadows vary from matte, to shimmery to glitter.  They are a little on the powdery side but the pigmentation is pretty good for what you are spending.

When you're paying less than $10 for 12 eyeshadow shades you have to keep in mind that they are not going to be the best quality shadows out there.  But when travelling or going to a friend's house for the night I prefer popping one of these in my bag rather than my more pricey palettes simply because it contains what I need and I wouldn't be heartbroken if one of these shadows cracked or fell out like I would if one of my $60+ palettes did.

As you can see the bottom right shade is basically my skin tone but other than that I do think there are a good variety of smokey colours and highlights to play with.

Like I said this one is limited edition so go out and grab it if you think you want it, but "The Nudes" is not limited and has become a member of the Maybelline collection.

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  1. Been looking for this but cant find it anywhere. Have the Nudes and just picked up the Brights at my local Target. I have not tried this one yet. Hoping it's at least the quality of the Nudes .