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December 11, 2015

Christmas Bedroom Decor - DIY Pillows, Wreath + More

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is decorating the house my apartment for the season.  Although I am going home in the middle of December for a break from school/work I am still decorating my little space.  I want to share those decor ideas with some of you.

December 8, 2015

Sephora Give Me More Lip - Swatched on Lips

Sephora puts out a bunch of great sets around the holidays, they're a great way to try out a bunch of products without paying full price.  The Give Me More Lip set is no exception, I would even argue that it is their most popular this year.  I'm pretty sure its sold out on line but I was able to grab one, during their VIB sale at my local Sephora store.

December 2, 2015

Candy Land Christmas Tree - DIY Sprinkle Ornaments

December is finally here so I think it's appropriate to start showing you some of my Christmas spirit here on the blog.  First up, my tree.

I've always wanted a white tree, covered with candy-themed decorations.  I figured since I live alone there's no one that can disagree with me.

November 30, 2015

OOTD - Western Bliss Boutique

When Michelle from Western Bliss Boutique reached out to me through Instagram to promote her online boutique, I was thrilled and reminded of how small this world really is.  We actually know each other from back in Ontario several years ago, it really shows how social media can bring people together.

November 23, 2015

My Shower Essentials

I thought I would write a quick post about my everyday shower essentials.

November 20, 2015

EOS Holiday Giveaway

Happy Friday!
I wanted to run a small giveaway, this ends on December 11th, just before I head back home for Christmas.

November 19, 2015

PRANA Chia Seed Overnight Oatmeal

I'm here to share a favourite hassle-free breakfast recipe with you featuring these PRANA chia seeds.

November 16, 2015

Expectation vs. Reality - Online Shopping

I got this fantastic idea from Megan from Megan Joy.  If you don't read her blog be sure to go check it out at  She has fantastic outfit and beauty posts!

She recently posted photos of an online order she placed at all about how clothes look when you order them and what you actually get.  I thought it was super helpful and I'm always so hesitant when I order stuff online from a store I don't really know I thought it would be useful to do the same!

November 10, 2015

Pretzel Toffee Bark

Such and easy and highly addictive recipe today (I had to eat some writing this post because I couldn't look at the pictures and not have any)!

If you love salty sweet then this is for you.

November 8, 2015

YourTea - Tiny Tea, Tea Face and Travel Mug

I have ordered from YourTea in the past.  My roommate and I split the Tiny Tea and did a mini detox.  One thing I know is that I'm not very good at sticking to these kind of things, I could never time the tea drinking properly to 30 minutes after I ate so I just had one in the morning and one before bed.  Sometimes with honey and sometimes without.  But I have found that you don't need to follow the rules directly and I still get some of the effects.  Most importantly, for whatever reason, it makes me feel a little more awake (I can have a cup of the tea instead of a cup or two of coffee in the morning) and does reduce my bloating (I especially notice it around that time of the month).  YourTea actually has a few teas that claim to help with PMS symptoms.

When I did the "detox" previously one thing my mom had asked me was what I was using on my fax because my skin looked so great.  My face has been freaking out recently and that is the reason why I went on the website to order the tea again, it just so happened that orders received a free sample of TeaFace.  I'm assuming they created this product because so many people break open their tea bags after steeping and put it on their face.  Let me tell you this is a HUGE free sample, I was amazed.

To qualify for free shipping I purchased a travel mug.  They have 3 adorable designs (I was super torn between the one I got and the pink marble one)  I needed a mug and these ones are reasonably priced, classic looking and keep tea hot hot, even in cold Edmonton.  I throw a bag and hot water into the mug when I leave the house, put it on the side of my backpack and trek all the way to work (20-30 mins) and its still boiling hot when I get here.

Overall I am so impressed with YourTea, I know there are a ton of companies that offer tea detoxes and I have never tried any others because I enjoy this one.

Only thing I would love to see from this company is some sort of option to try their different teas.  I'm curious to try almost all of them but I feel like buying 40 tea bags is so many!

** I feel like I should mention that this is not sponsored in any way, I went online and bought these products with my own money, except the TeaFace which was a free gift to anyone at that time.  post signature

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November 4, 2015

My Super Easy Cream of Broccoli Soup Recipe

Moving to Edmonton has seemed to mean colder days.  With November came snow, for the past two days!  This means that it was time to make a big batch of cream of broccoli soup and freeze some for those inevitable days where I don't feel like making anything for dinner/lunch.  This is a rough recipe, since I usually change things up and just taste as I go.  Plus my lovely neighbour has been digging up all her veggies from her massive garden and has been passing some down to me, so I threw a bunch of the carrots in this time and they added a some sweetness that I really like!

November 2, 2015

My Halloween Costume - Spinelli from Disney's Recess

This may be one of the easiest, most affordable costumes I have ever made.  The only thing I needed to make were the tights (which could also be ordered if you plan ahead of time) and everything else I had in my closet already.

October 22, 2015

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

Through an online community called Influenster I was given the chance to review a product from LANEIGE.  Since I have never tried anything from this company and always try to get my hands on skin care products since I am clueless when it comes to skin care, I accepted.

September 28, 2015

Demeter Mr. Bubbles Scent Memories

Demeter was kind enough to send me a sample of their Mr. Bubbles cologne spray and asked me to write a post about how the scent brings back memories of my childhood.

September 25, 2015

Caramel Apple Cake Pops

I made these cake pops for a pot luck at work.  The good thing about these is that they are easier to transport in my opinion than cupcakes or cookies with icing, because once they harden they can all put thrown into one tupperware.

September 22, 2015

DIY Fall Denim Jacket

This is a super easy DIY to add a cute spin to a denim jacket that is so great for fall.

September 12, 2015

Life Update #1

I know I have been a little MIA these past few weeks but I have a good reason.  I have moved across the country to the city of Edmonton to pursue my MSc.  I do plan on continuing to blog and share with you some of my decor ideas for my little basement apartment.  Unpacking and figuring out my schedule has been taking a lot of my time but I hope to get back into blogging asap.  (all these photos are from my Instagram @rmahxo go follow if you aren't already!)

Packed up my car and my dad and I road tripped through Canada to my new town.

When I got there on my first day I was surprised to see my name already on the wall, this may seem silly but it made me very very excited!

Snacks like these Dairy Milk Mixes have been getting me through the long days of unpacking.

And I do have to say the U Alberta campus has some gorgeous parts.

Found myself some passionfruit and tried out the essence gel nail polishes that everyone's raving about.  Which they are amazing, super super cheap! ($2.49) and last for s very very long time!

If you have any suggestions about what I need to do/where I need to eat here in Edmonton let me know in the comments below!

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August 27, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I have never tried hair extensions* before but have always wanted to.  I have very fine hair that lays flat and am always jealous of the huge waves, fishtail braids and big messy buns people with thick hair can achieve.  So when Irresistible Me reached out to me for me to try out their product I jumped at the chance.

August 24, 2015

Beechwood Doughnuts

I recently stumbled across this amazing looking donut on Instagram, went to their profile and found out they were located decently close enough to where I live that I had to make the trip.  Appropriate shirt on, we headed out to get our hands on some tasty donuts.

August 21, 2015

Maybelline Color Blur Creamy Matte Lip Crayons

I loved the idea of these new lippies by Maybelline the second I saw the preview pictures that some of the bloggers I follow on Instagram got to go to.  When I finally saw them in stores it was super hard for me to not buy the entire line.  I love every single colour in the collection but contained myself to just 5 of the shades (which I know is still a lot).  I think that I will be able to get a lot of wear out of all these shades.

August 11, 2015

Smashbox Double Exposure Eyeshadow Palette

I went out and spent my Shopper's Drug Mart points on this thing of beauty as well as a few other things coming up later this month.

August 5, 2015

Bite Beauty Canadian Maple Matte Lipsticks

Ever since these beauties were announced on social media, I patiently waited until I could get my hands on them.  After multiple tries online, I called ahead to my local Sephora store and they pulled me a few out of the back.  I knew which shades I wanted from all the research I had done from those lucky few who received these early.

July 27, 2015

WayHome Recap

WayHome was a blast.

Despite the Friday morning early issues of not being allowed in until 9 am when the website said the gate were open 24 hours.  But I guess everything can't run perfectly smoothly.

Day 1:  Started with getting up super early (too excited to sleep) packing the car to the brim and heading over to the site.  After waiting on the side of the road, being told to move by cops, waiting on another road, getting told to move again and then driving in circles for 1.5 hours we finally got in the site.  I was super impressed with how they set it all up, a lot more space than I was anticipated.  And on the plus side we had some great neighbours we referred to as family by the end of the weekend.

It was blazing hot, but luckily out market tent was there to give us some shade.  We started the day off by walking to the grounds and dancing around in the silent disco. (If you've never heard of these I highly suggest you go to one.)  Everyone puts on bluetooth headphones and dances to the music played by a DJ but to everyone without headphones it looks like everyone is dancing like fools to no music but are somehow completely in sync.

After that we caught some pretty great bands The Decemberists, followed by Hozier which was my favourite of the festival, Alt-J and a little Neil Young before being up so early and the sun caught up with me and I had to head back to the tent.

Day 2: Woke up with the sun, and cooked everyone a killer breakfast.  I even impressed myself with this one; eggs, sausages, hash browns and some strawberries.

We ran around the camping grounds to meet up with as many people as we could find.  Old friends from high school, university and made some new friends along the way.

Shared a bunch of laughs and only got sprinkled on by a little bit of rain.  It was another hot day, and I'm convinced the only reason we didn't get rained on is because most of us brought rain boots and coats.

He headed over to the festival and enjoyed Manchester Orchestra, (I bobbed awkwardly) at Run the Jewels, Modest Mouse, unfortunately Passion Pit cancelled due to illness and Broken Social Scene took their place.  That night we went to Kendrick Lamar (again, I bobbed around a little less awkwardly).

It started to cool off so we went back to the tent to throw some warmer clothes on and headed out to ODESZA.  

Day 3: Last day of the festival, we packed up most of our stuff (except the shade tent) because it was another blazing hot day.  Headed over to the festival early to see Sloan, hung out in the shade and scored some free stuff from Somersby and Molson Canadian.  Ate some delicious fish tacos and some ice cream.  Caught the outstanding Sheepdogs, July Talk and Cold War Kids.

Took a corn on the cob break and snuggled up close for Vance Joy as the sun set.  We skipped out on Sam Smith and listened to him while we drove out of the festival, since we all had to get up early for work Monday.  Luckily it wasn't a far drive home, we showered and we snuggled into our own beds and I slept like a baby.

Did anyone else go to the festival?
Let me know in the comments below!

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