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April 21, 2015

Meringue Girls Kisses

I have a new appreciation for buying cookbooks.  Not only do I get to support some of my favourite bloggers, youtubers or instagrammers by doing so but I also get to try out some of the recipes and play around with them.

I recently ordered the Meringue Girls cookbook and decided I was going to make just a small batch of their meringue kisses.  Their book is absolutely full of delicious desserts and their instagram (@meringuegirls) makes  my eyes bulge out of my head every day.  If I ever make it to the UK, I want to definitely take one of their classes!

They provide step-by-step guides to making many different types of meringues.  How to flavour them, colour them, stripe them, fill them, anything you can imagine.

The entire book has a whimsical feel which is very fitting since their multicoloured kisses are nicknamed Unicorn Poo.  So it figured its okay that my kisses are all a little wonky and different shapes.  Just be sure to keep them around the same size so they all bake evenly.

This is a shot from my favourite page in the book.  Just a reminder to go after what you love (p.s. if by some chance you meringue girls are reading this... I would totally buy a print of this for my walls!)  If you want to order this book, I got mine on Amazon: here.  And if you want to check out more of Alex and Stacey's stuff, their website is:

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