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May 29, 2015

DIY Citrus Scarf

I made myself this super summery scarf using real lemons and limes to make the print.

I was inspired by one of a fellow Canadian's room decor idea on her youtube channel.  Yes, I'm talking about LaurDIY and you can watch that video here.

You have to start by cutting your citrus fruit in half and allowing them to dry out a bit (I left mine for 1.5 days).

I picked up a few citrus-y acrylic paint colours from Michael's but you could use fabric paint as well. I mixed a orange and pink together to get the grapefruit colour.

I used the lime halves for the lemons and limes on the scarf and the slightly larger lemon halves for the oranges and grapefruit colours.

Simply dip them in the paint and stamp them randomly where you want on the scarf.  Since this scarf was pretty thin, the paint leaked through so I didn't do both sides although I originally thought I would have to.

Hang it up to dry completely,

If you want perfect shapes every time using a real fruit is not a good option for you, but I like how some of them are bolder and others are lighter and you can see the segments of fruit.

You could do this with any pattern you'd like, even cut shapes out of potatoes and stamp that way!
If you give this a try be sure to tag me @rmahxo!

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