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June 4, 2015

Relvon Lippies Sale

Thanks to the amazing Canadian Beauty Bloggers network, someone posted that Revlon lipsticks were $3.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I sort of forgot about it, and went in to get more makeup remover wipes and saw there were on sale.  My eyes pretty much bulged out of my head... they're normal $10.99 so that's almost 65% off their regular price.

I have had my eyes on so many of the lipstick colours but have talked myself out of them since I don't think I would wear them as much as I like to think I would.  Whenever things go on sale, that's when I buy the things that are out of my comfort zone.  I also tried to find a neutral/nude kind of colour since I feel like I need to get on that train.

Turned out their lip butters were on sale too and while I was away in Florida I discovered a new found love for my lip butter in Wild Watermelon.

This time I grabbed Sorbet and Lollipop, pretty similar in colour but Lollipop leans more on the purple side.

I picked up four of the super lustrous lipsticks, one matte and three creme.

The matte one I picked up is called Pink Pout (a matte light pink) and the three cremes are Pink in the Afternoon (a pinky nude), Black Cherry (dark wine) and Fire & Ice (bright red).

I'm excited to try out all these different colours!
Did you guys pick up any cheap cheap makeup lately?

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  1. Great deals! Revlon lippies are pretty wonderful, especially for the price you paid :) black cherry is one of my fave dark lipstick. :DDD

    1. not sure if I will be brave enough to wear black cherry but at that price I couldn't pass up the opportunity!