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July 7, 2015

DIY Festival Bag - #CountdownToWayHome

A cute bag for all your stuff is a must at any festival.  If you're there all day you may need a light sweater, or extra sunscreen (I'll be showing you what I pack in my festival bag in a later post)  I find backpacks the most useful because they leave both your arms/hands free to dance around during your favourite band.  I wanted to make a cute one and share with you guys how I did it!

I picked up a white, cloth backpack from Michael's and started by dying it with tie dye.  I used a wine colour and ended up with a sort of patchy finish on the bag, but I like it.  The straps and zippers didn't take the dye but I don't mind.

Next, I raided my mom's sewing room and FabricLand for tons of different trims, ribbon, lace and studs.  I tried to tie all the colours and trims together but also love how the mix and match turned out.  Simply hot glue them on and cut them to size.

I only did the front pocket, but depending on what backpack you buy you could put trim anywhere.  You could also sew the trims on if you wanted, but hot gluing is easier and just as effective.

Tag me in your pictures on instagram or twitter! @rmahxo and use the hashtag #CountdownToWayHome so I can check out what you guys are bringing along!

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