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July 13, 2015

DIY Mermaid Inspired Sea Shell Crown - #CountdownToWayHome

I am a huge fan of the flower crown like any other festival go-fer (it's kind of my favourite thing).  But you can find a tutorial for how to make a flower crown almost anywhere on the internet, so I wanted to do something a little different but is still cute for a festival accessory.  Enter mermaid inspired sea shell crown.

I am obsessed.  Shout out to my mother for shooting these for me (it's sorta hard to take natural looking photos of the back of your head).

You'll need:
- sea shells
- a headband
- spray paint (I used gold)
- hot glue gun

I started by spray painting all the sea shells I thought I wanted to use, as well as the hair band.  Let them dry completely.

Then simply hot glue them onto your hair band where you'd like them to go.

I place the headband on the back of my head and wrapped pieces around the band so only the sea shells show through.

I personally love it and think it will be a little different than the standard flower crowns but I will still be rocking those too!

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