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July 10, 2015

Music Festival Tips and Tricks - #CountdownToWayhome

Every music festival is different.  At Osheaga, we stayed in a hostel in downtown Montreal and took the Metro (subway) onto the island where the festival is held.  At Boots & Hearts we packed up two cars to the absolute brim and camped for 4 days.  Depending on what type of festival you are going to, what you can and will bring will vary but here are some fun suggestions I have, as well as some tips you might find useful.

Because Wayhome is so close to my house I am not too worried about the camping aspect, if we don't want to stay the night we can always grab a cab or phone a friend to come pick us up.  After camping at Boots & Hearts in the hail last year I am a little apprehensive about spending 3 days in a tent again.  Don't get me wrong I had an absolute blast camping, you get to meet tons of people on the camp grounds.  It's just a little exhausted for 4 days straight and I'm a sucker for a real bed.

1. Choose the people you go with wisely.  Let's be serious, no body wants to hang out with someone who is going to be negative the entire time.  Everyone needs to agree that you're going to tough out this weekend no matter how exhausted you are, but if someone needs a little extra sleep and skips out on some artists that's fine, as long as they don't make you miss out on what you want to see.  Picking people who have similar musical taste as you is more important at a festival like Wayhome or Osheaga than it is at Boots (where everything is country).  But at the same time you can't be afraid to split up if people want to see different acts.  Just pick a meeting place and stick with it.  Which brings me to my next point.

2. Don't count on having cell service.  At Boots, we were camping in tents.  No walls to charge our phones in.  I brought a portable charger as well as one that used solar panels that everyone ended up using, so keep that in mind.  At Osheaga, that many people stuffed onto a small island, service won't be there for everyone.  So when I say pick a meeting spot and stick with it, I mean it, otherwise you will never find each other.

3. Dress up your campsite.  At Boots, I brought a tie dyed sheet that we hung up on the side of our shade tent.  It helped us find our way back to our site and made a killer background for photoshoots.

4.  Sunscreen and water.  Get enough of both.  Enough said.

5. Bring your patience and positive attitude. Listen, its a packed music festival, there is going to be shoving and ridiculous line ups.  If you're like me the fact that you're seeing bands you've been dying to see is enough to deal with these annoyances but it can become too much sometimes.  Make the most of your time there, this only happens once.  When a spontaneous slip and slide breaks out, get in there!

Share your festival tips and tricks with me using the hashtag #CountdownToWayHome on twitter or instagram (@rmahxo).

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