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July 15, 2015

What to Wear? - #CountdownToWayHome

The best thing about festivals in my opinion (besides the music) is the fashion.  I absolutely love to see what other people are wearing and how awesome every one looks.  You get all kinds of people at music festivals like WayHome because there is such a diversity in music.  I took to pinterest to find some inspiration (except the booties are a DIY from awhile ago):

Flower Crowns - obviously, this one goes without saying... the issue will be which one.

Floppy Hats - perfect to keep the sun off your face.

Flannels - incase it gets chilly, wear it around your waist or throw it on.

Shoes - I always bring shoes I don't care about, it will be muddy, sweaty and your shoes might get ruined.  Especially if you wear sandals, that's why booties are also a good option - a little heel will help you see the stage too. You could DIY a cheap pair like I did here.

Maxis - easy and breezy.

High Waisted Shorts - with a cute crop top is a festival staple.

Kimono - these are everywhere these days and I love them.

Chains/Body jewellery - this is where the risk taking will come into play for me.  But I love the look of all over jewellery.

Face Paint - don't think carnival face paint, just subtle dots or lines, more tribal.

Flash Tats - these are so fun, I've worn them a few times in the past and its the easy way to wear all over jewellery.  No worrying about it tangling in your bag, but you will be wearing it for a few days unless you scrub it off.

Sunnies - Bring all the fun sunglasses you can find, mix em up.  And embrace the raccoon eyes (unless you have that floppy hat on)

I can't wait to see every's outfits and WayHome.  And if you want to see what I wear, follow me on Instagram! @rmahxo

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