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July 20, 2015

What's in My Festival Bag? - #CountdownToWayHome

I'm not going to lie to you guys, WayHome has snuck up on me.  You're sitting there probably thinking, "but Rachel, you've been doing COUNTDOWN posts."  And you know what I agree with you, but here I am, less than 5 days out, giving advice on what to pack, having packed nothing myself.  Regardless, here's what I'm taking to the festival grounds in my little backpack.  DIY, here.

Sunscreen - I love this Miracle 10 face sunscreen, I've talked about it before.  Non-greasy, feels amazing on you face and it'll work for the tops of your shoulders too.

Sunglasses - Realistically I'll be bringing more than one pair, you never know when that drunk guy in the crowd will knock them off your face, or you leave them in the porta-potty, or they fall off your head, or your BFF needs a pair.

Hat - I'll probably be wearing mine all day (especially on the last day when my hair is dirty).

Flannel - in case it gets chilly. This faded one is a DIY I did in the winter, here.

Concealer - For me this is necessary for touch ups.  Boi-ing by benefit is no joke guys, super thick and sometimes stays there after I shower.

Lip Balm - With SPF is always a good idea, this is the lemon drop one from EOS.

Lipstick - These Rimmel Provacolips do. not. move.  Making them perfect for an all day lip colour, but bring it with in case you need to touch up.

Mascara - Another must have for me (pretty sure I don't leave the house without mascara on).  Benefit's They're Real is the most serious waterproof mascara I own, but if you're jumping in the slip 'n slide you never know.  So I bring it with me at all times.

Wipes - incase you're especially greasy (hands or face), covered in mud or that face paint you put on so carefully that morning is melting down your face and it needs to come off.  These Kirkland ones from Costco are a favourite of mine.

Portable Phone Charger - You can get these for pretty cheap, and if I stick to flogging the event I will need this with me in my bag just in case.

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