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November 16, 2015

Expectation vs. Reality - Online Shopping

I got this fantastic idea from Megan from Megan Joy.  If you don't read her blog be sure to go check it out at  She has fantastic outfit and beauty posts!

She recently posted photos of an online order she placed at all about how clothes look when you order them and what you actually get.  I thought it was super helpful and I'm always so hesitant when I order stuff online from a store I don't really know I thought it would be useful to do the same!

Although this is slightly different because I have shopped at Ardene stores in the mall, I thought I would give their online shop a try:  I usually buy accessories from Ardenes, they have great hair accessories, sunglasses, socks/tights, and statement necklaces.  But I logged on their online store and maybe they just have too many accessories to keep up with online but that section was sort of lacking in comparison to the abundance of stuff you see in their stores.  Regardless I got sucked into their sales, almost everything was buy one get one for $10 or buy one get one for $5.  Before I knew it I had a ton of stuff in my cart, sweater dresses for $5, flannels for $5, sweaters for $10.  But being a poor Master's student I had to cut back.  I ended up only ordering two things, because I was super skeptical about how the sweater dresses would fit (having my experience with their clothing running small).  Since I am decently tall (5'8") I was worried a medium dress would be too short but a large would be too wide so I plan to go try them on at the store and decide if I still want them.  Regardless I still bought a couple things.

First was a cardigan.

(I apologize for the dark pictures, it was snowing outside ....)

I ordered a large because I wanted it to be oversized and as I mentioned, have experience with their clothing running small.  I was pleasantly surprised with how soft and warm the cardigan is.  It does not run small it's actually quite large but is exactly what I had in mind.  Its not wool, sort of a less itchy knit.  I know I will be living in this.

Second, I ordered a fur vest.
Fur Vest $39.50

I really couldn't resist. I have been looking for this colour of vest for a while, and since it would only be $10 I couldn't really say no.  They were sold out of larges (again thinking it would run small) so I felt a little nervous about ordering a medium.  Wondering if it would be long enough.  I again am so excited, it really fits exactly how I would want it to and I mean where else would you get a fur vest for $10?!

Plus Ardene has a VIP program, where you simply sign up with your email and get 10% off all your orders (which was $5.50 on mine).  With this discount, I was below the $50 mark I needed for free shipping.  No problem, picked up a pair of black tights $5.50 (aka they're free) and got my free shipping.

Order time:  I placed my order online on November 4th, received a tracking number on the 5th and it arrived at my doorstep on the 9th.  Thats only 3 business days.  Impressed again!

If you like these posts, stay tuned because I have more coming!  And be sure to go check out Megan's blog, let her know I sent you!

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