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November 8, 2015

YourTea - Tiny Tea, Tea Face and Travel Mug

I have ordered from YourTea in the past.  My roommate and I split the Tiny Tea and did a mini detox.  One thing I know is that I'm not very good at sticking to these kind of things, I could never time the tea drinking properly to 30 minutes after I ate so I just had one in the morning and one before bed.  Sometimes with honey and sometimes without.  But I have found that you don't need to follow the rules directly and I still get some of the effects.  Most importantly, for whatever reason, it makes me feel a little more awake (I can have a cup of the tea instead of a cup or two of coffee in the morning) and does reduce my bloating (I especially notice it around that time of the month).  YourTea actually has a few teas that claim to help with PMS symptoms.

When I did the "detox" previously one thing my mom had asked me was what I was using on my fax because my skin looked so great.  My face has been freaking out recently and that is the reason why I went on the website to order the tea again, it just so happened that orders received a free sample of TeaFace.  I'm assuming they created this product because so many people break open their tea bags after steeping and put it on their face.  Let me tell you this is a HUGE free sample, I was amazed.

To qualify for free shipping I purchased a travel mug.  They have 3 adorable designs (I was super torn between the one I got and the pink marble one)  I needed a mug and these ones are reasonably priced, classic looking and keep tea hot hot, even in cold Edmonton.  I throw a bag and hot water into the mug when I leave the house, put it on the side of my backpack and trek all the way to work (20-30 mins) and its still boiling hot when I get here.

Overall I am so impressed with YourTea, I know there are a ton of companies that offer tea detoxes and I have never tried any others because I enjoy this one.

Only thing I would love to see from this company is some sort of option to try their different teas.  I'm curious to try almost all of them but I feel like buying 40 tea bags is so many!

** I feel like I should mention that this is not sponsored in any way, I went online and bought these products with my own money, except the TeaFace which was a free gift to anyone at that time.  post signature

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