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December 2, 2015

Candy Land Christmas Tree - DIY Sprinkle Ornaments

December is finally here so I think it's appropriate to start showing you some of my Christmas spirit here on the blog.  First up, my tree.

I've always wanted a white tree, covered with candy-themed decorations.  I figured since I live alone there's no one that can disagree with me.

I went to Walmart and grabbed this small, pre-lit, 4 ft, white tree for $40.  I got most of my decorations from the dollar store, they had a ton of candy and cupcake ornaments in the colours I was hoping for.  I got some disco ball ones to reflect light and tucked them in deep into the tree.  I also got some tiny star ornaments.

I then made these adorable sprinkle-filled ornaments.  I bought empty ornaments from Michael's and tacky glue as well as sprinkles (you could use any ones you'd like)

I squirted a little bit of the glue into the ornament and rolled it around until it was spread evenly.  I left them to sit and sort of dry up until they were just tacky so that the sprinkles wouldn't bleed their colour.

Make a funnel and pour the sprinkles in, roll them around until they coat the inside of the ornament.

Leave them to dry, pop the silver tops back in and hang them on the tree!

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