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December 11, 2015

Christmas Bedroom Decor - DIY Pillows, Wreath + More

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is decorating the house my apartment for the season.  Although I am going home in the middle of December for a break from school/work I am still decorating my little space.  I want to share those decor ideas with some of you.

First and easiest thing to do is probably change your sheets to something more festive.  I got these flannel red plaid sheets from Target last year (R.I.P. Target Canada) but there are tons of options out there at Walmart, Homesense, etc.  I used to have penguin sheets when I had a smaller bed but I like these ones cause they can be left all winter (past Christmas) and still be warm and cozy because they're flannel.

Next, I usually put up some fairy lights.  I like the ones with the white cord for inside because there's not a lot of greenery going on in the bedroom.  I put them up with little thumb tacks but you can use whatever you think works best.

I made this super affordable wreath with all things from the dollarstore.  I was inspired by fellow Canadian Kalyn Nicholson (check out her YouTube channel).  I found all these items at Dollarama but again, you can use whatever you like, buy any wreath or look on Pinterest for some other DIY ideas.

I bought this wreath, some snow-covered pine cones (6 packs of 8 I think) and some red ribbon.  You'll need a hot glue gun.

All I did was hot glue the ends of the pinecones and push them into the wreath, I went around twice but you could just go once or go 3 times and it would still look great.

I finished off with a red bow and thats it!  Hang it up above your bed or on your front door and there you have it.

Next I made some pillows to add some more coziness to my bed.  I have a hard time shelling out money ($30-$40?!) for decorative pillows that you don't even use.  So I usually buy cheap pillow cases and decorate them.  This idea is similar to the Big Spoon, Little Spoon pillows I made awhile ago.

All you'll need are some cheap pillow cases (you may want to wash them first) and some fabric paint.   Then all I did was paint little pine trees all over, I think they look really cute next to the red plaid ones and are Christmasy, but also will work through the winter.  If you're worried about your painting skills, a stamp is a good option as well.

If you're wondering where I got the knitted throw from, stay tuned because I will be sharing more details shortly!  (Hint: it involves an Etsy shop)

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  1. That pillow case looks store bought! I would never have guessed you painted on those pine trees. Great job!

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